In a new series titled the Road to Success, we take a look back at some of the outstanding entries and winners of the Daman Corporate Health and Wellness Awards to help individuals and organisations learn from them and implement some of these winning strategies.

In this feature, we take a closer look at the Canon Middle East and their winning entry for the Workplace of the Year at the 2018 awards.

Productivity by design

As anyone who has worked in a dark, airless office knows, the physical work environment can have a huge impact on an employee’s state of mind and therefore on their overall performance. Productivity, creativity and staff satisfaction can be improved massively through intelligent office design.

Canon Middle East had this in mind when renovation work to its office in Dubai provided an opportunity to innovative its work environment not only to cater to the needs of a modern workforce, but also to reflect its cutting-edge company image.

As part of the overhaul, the company adopted a free-seating concept that encourages employees to interact and collaborate with staff across all departments. Flexible seating allows for a more creative approach to work and has been found to boost optimism and productivity in the workforce.

New, ergonomic furniture was introduced along with yoga chairs and silent rooms, and a dedicated ‘sharing wall’ can be found in the reception area, where staff can inspire colleagues with their news and stories.

Within the main office is Space360. Introduced as part of Canon's 'Follow Your Happiness' campaign, Space360 consists of three themed-zones - innovation, knowledge and community.

Equipped with the latest technology, the Innovation area is designed to stimulate creative thinking and also features a down-time area with games and activities that enable employees to relax and socialise.

The Knowledge area was set up to facilitate professional training and learning, while the Community area encourages colleagues to collaborate in a relaxed, friendly environment. A kitchen and ‘garden’ provide an alternative to the working office environment.

Every aspect of Canon’s inspirational office space has been designed with great attention to detail, from layout and technology to lighting and materials.

The forward-looking development leads the way in creating an environment to support a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

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