In a new series titled the Road to Success, we take a look back at some of the outstanding entries and winners of the Daman Corporate Health and Wellness Awards to help individuals and organisations learn from them and implement some of these winning strategies.

In this feature, we take a closer look at the Dubai Islamic Bank and their winning entry for the Daman Award for Biggest Impact at the 2018 awards.

A common objective unifies the workforce

An initiative launched to encourage staff to lead a healthier lifestyle, created a critical social networking platform for company employees.

It is known that bringing employees together in a social setting supports better teamwork, fosters greater collaboration, and creates a more cohesive corporate identity.

But despite the many benefits of social events, providing suitable opportunities for them to happen can be difficult.

The diversity of ages, interests and cultures typically found in the modern workplace, especially in the UAE, can make it hard to create events that are convenient, and which will appeal to everybody.

With 70 branches across the UAE and employees from 54 countries, the challenge facing Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) to bring staff together was enormous.

Having identified that an initiative to improve workers’ health and wellness would appeal to all of its staff regardless of age, gender or nationality, DIB in 2017 launched its first corporate health and wellness programme for employees - DIB Active.

This positive impact of the company’s diverse programme of events DIB the Daman Corporate Health and Wellness Award 2018 for Biggest Impact.

DIB Active was devised to encourage staff to lead healthier, fitter and happier lives, and also created a critical social networking platform for company employees.

Activities in have included:

  • DIB's Strongest Man Challenge;
  • A bowling challenge;
  • A three-hour hike in Ras Al Khaimah; and
  • A ladies only paint ball challenge at the Sharjah Shooting Club

These events, selected to appeal to different fitness levels, saw the participation of almost 1,000 company employees.

The wellness agenda has also included initiatives from optical checkups, blood donation drives, breast cancer awareness programmes and access to nutrition and wellness advice.

The Daman Awards judges said that Dubai Islamic Bank had established a clear strategic framework within their organisation that provide a platform to support wellness initiatives across a large, diverse organisation.

Establishing the new framework has enabled regular wellness events to become embedded in DIB’s organisation, while still being owned by the employees rather than becoming management driven.

The impact has been an increase in employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, and the opportunity to identify and encourage leadership.

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