In a new series titled the Road to Success, we take a look back at some of the outstanding entries and winners of the Daman Corporate Health and Wellness Awards to help individuals and organisations learn from them and implement some of these winning strategies.

In this feature, we take a closer look at the Majid Al Futtaim - Retail and their winning entry for the Daman Award for Corporate Health and Wellness (Organisation) Award at the 2018 awards.

A caring culture

Ongoing drive to boost employee satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace at Majid al-Futtaim has been a huge success.

The employee engagement team at the retail division of Majid al-Futtaim (MAF) has made real efforts to have a positive impact on employees’ lives by establishing a relevant, ongoing programme of events that appeals to as many people as possible. The success of this inclusive approach won the team the Daman Corporate Health and Wellness Organisation of the Year Award, 2018.

The first step to devising the programme, was to understand the issues that were important to MAF employees.

To achieve this, the team generated a detailed wellbeing and happiness staff survey.

Armed with data from the survey, the company launched the ‘We Care” engagement programme based around monthly themes, which promoted activities from housewarming gatherings to ergonomics sessions.

Themes, including management of personal finances, education and family values, were selected with the aim of improving personal happiness, leading to a more engaged, agile, caring and committed workforce.

Employee health is also vital to any successful organisation and MAF has shown an enormous commitment to improving fitness levels among staff.

In a health week initiative, dermatologists, dentists, blood drivers and health control specialists were drafted in to provide services and advice, and a free flu vaccination was offered to employees and their families.

The theme in October, 2018, was breast cancer awareness. MAF provided staff with access to free checkups and cancer screening. The company also provided financial support and advice for an employee who was detected with breast cancer.

Shifting the focus to improving health in the workplace, the company arranged ergonomics sessions and distributed instruction leaflets for desk-based exercises to staff.

To encourage healthy eating, employees were provided with a nutritional snack every Sunday and free gym access to enabled employees to adopt a more active lifestyle.

To monitor the success of the ‘We Care’ initiative, the wellbeing and happiness survey was conducted a second time, and the company was delighted to find a significant increase in employee satisfaction.

This success has motivated the company to continue with their efforts, and feedback from the endeavour is driving further initiatives to foster a happier, healthier workforce.

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