With over 19 years of experience in Communication, Media & Technology industries, Andrej Mekionis has consulted for some of the biggest industry leaders in Europe, the MEA region, and Central Asia.

As the current Digital & Marketing Director at the National Health Insurance Company – Daman, his deep knowledge has helped to build revenues through digital channels and has secured over 500,000 downloads for Daman's mobile app in two years. Focusing on customer experience, Mekionis has further led the building of Daman’s brand equity as well as the improvement of various operations, including customer services and touchpoint management.

Mekionis started his career in the EU where he qualified from leading management schools. He went on to hold senior marketing & advisory positions with European leaders such as Telia, TeleDenmark, and Northstream, before moving to the UAE in 2009. In Dubai, he was appointed Senior Strategy Adviser at Delta Partners. He then acted in different management capacities at Emirates Integrated Telecommunications company (operating under “du” brand), where he handled ultra-high value portfolios and led transformational programs.